Upcoming Events

Fall Fest

FALL FEST is all about falling for Jesus by sharing His love and His story to anyone who will hear. It happens every year in October for all the community to come and have fun. There will be games, music, candy, cakes, sweets and much more. 

How can I Volunteer?

Connect with the Youth/Kidz Leader to be involved following any service or through the church office at 830.257.6598.

Life is a Journey!

Let us partner with you on the journey ahead!

      Life is always a challenge no matter what walk of life we come from. Rest assured that Christ died for us that we may live, and he will not leave us alone. He will always be in our hearts and mind so long as we seek Him. He is a constant resource for us both in our time of need as well as our time of celebration. Christ has also created His church to come along side us in this journey of life.

      Not only are we your partnering resource for this journey of life in person, but now we are partnering with you online! We are excited to share with you some resources that you may find helpful and informative. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our online platform here.


Stronger Together

The Women’s conference sermon in case you missed it…you’re welcome!

Did you miss out on the live experience during the “Stronger Together” woman’s conference? Fear not, as we have it available for you to watch…But its only for a limited time so check it out now.